The Runaway Brewery – Brewery Names and Origins

Mark Welsby of The Runaway Brewery is the latest brewer to provide some more detail as to the origins of the brewery, here’s what he has to say.

Where does the Name The Runaway Brewery come from? 

The Runaway Brewery is two old friends who’ve come together to escape the treadmill of modern life, to take on a new challenge – for us an adventure – to join the movement to modernise and help reinvigorate an important part of our culture – BEER! We want to brew great, modern beer. The kind of beer we would enjoy drinking. And making. Because brewing isn’t just about the end product, it’s about the process – the journey. So it’s worth doing right.

The name Runaway came primarily from what it felt like to pack in our safe/secure, more corporate lives, and set out to create a contemporary brewery, without really knowing what we were doing, other than wanting to change our quality of life, and produce great beer in order to do that. We didn’t brew or homebrew prior to starting the brewery so it really has been an adventure, a journey of sorts, and a new start in a world we knew little about before we set out – other than knowing exactly what we wanted to produce I suppose!

What inspired you to move into the commercial brewing world?

Opening a commercial brewery, brewing beer, was something we knew we could get passionate about; really get out teeth into, and that’s important if you’re going to spend 7 days a weeks living it! We’ve both had an interest in beer for a long time, and both felt the UK beer scene was in need of modernisation in order to remain an important part of our culture. We’d be fortunately enough to travel and seen how beer was starting to change nationally but globally too – so to become part of that change was/is really exciting.

How did you come up with your logo design?

We worked with a local designer to develop our logo, and similarly to the naming of the brewery we wanted something which represented us and our approach to beer: something contemporary and modern without being too experimental – serious and quality focused, without being sterile. On the surface it looks like a big ‘R’ and little more, but on closer inspection it actually forms a maze with a little ‘B’ in the centre. We had to tweak the first designs for the ‘B’ as they looked a bit too anatomical!  From a practical point of view, we also wanted an icon that would stand out on a bottle / pump clip, and would provide continuity and consistency across a range of products so we wouldn’t need to reinvent every time we made a new beer. We’ve had lots of positive feedback from our customers about it – and most importantly we aren’t sick of looking at it yet either! Result.

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