The end of the kitchen sink beer?

Everyone has been there, it comes to brew day you’ve got mountains of bits of grain and hops, 30 grams of this, 475g of that specialist only used once malt, 3 grams of low alpha hops. You get what I mean.

So when Keg Kingdom tweeted about their new recipe builder that does away with the problem of bits of leftover grain I thought why not give it a go.

This isn’t a typical recipe builder though, you’re not going to get a breakdown of IBUs, Gravity or even colour, it seems to be more aimed at shopping list but in a very easy and searchable way. What it does allow you to do is to order the exact amount of ingredients you need, which is then delivered either pre-crushed or not, in a single bag, with similarly weighed out hops, and a yeast, this for me is the big sell, no more half full bags in my cupboards.

So how does the recipe builder would, you need to have a recipe in mind, and if you don’t google a style and see what you get, then once you’ve got your ingredients list, pop over to Keg Kingdom and plug it in. So what do you need to consider:

Fermentables – I count stock of 48 different fermentables

Hops – around 23 including your typical hops as well as some unfamiliar to me like Olicana and Jarrylo

Other ingredients – nothing listed at present

Yeast – around 29 lots of dry yeast from Safale and Mangrove Jacks.



My orders were pretty simple, a Munich Lager (pictured) with a fairly low key malt bill (Malt and yeast came to £13.24) and Doppel Bock where I only needed around 2kg amounts of other malts and yeast, so a perfect test bed.

At the moment the lack of other ingredients does hinder the service a bit, I’ve just brewed my Leffe Radieuse clone so could have done with Belgium Candy etc. it would be great if you could add candy sugar and a few other adjuncts to the list, but Keg Kingdom does have an ever-expanding product list and they are relatively new to the ingredients market, so expect this to get better with time

Overall I am really happy with the service, I’ve used Keg Kingdom on and off for a while now, delivery is good value I think it’s just been reduced to a little over £5, they have a good selection of ingredients and the list is growing, and this service really help reduce building up a store of infrequently used malt, which is especially useful for anyone brewing in batches of 10l or less.

Prices are charged by the gram so you don’t feel you’re overpaying for anything.

So will this do away with those kitchen sink brews? probably not quite yet until more adjuncts are added, but in terms of ease of use and anyone short of storage space this is really going to be a useful service.

Pros – Reduces the need for storage, reduces cost, probably easiest shopping experience I’ve had for brewing, they occasionally tweet out discount codes.

Cons – limited supply of ingredients. Keg Kingdom have emailed to say lots of new ingredients will be added in the new year so keep a lookout.

If you have products that you want to be reviewed or any products you want to hear about drop us a line, if we’ve got the cash in the bank to buy and it’s something the Homebrew club will benefit from, we’ll try and review it.

Next up for review – 10L Speidel Braumeister, just waiting for some parts 😉




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