Solera Project (Part 5)…..Stepping Up.

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It’s been seven months since the last addition to this Solera, so time to rack off some beer and add a new brew. Out with the old, 6L into a keg for carbonation and then bottling.  Initial tastes of this beer revealed a good level of sourness.  In with the new. The remaining 3L and the oak chunks were moved to a new keg, taking this project from 9L to 19L. The new keg was then filled up with 16L of the following recipe. A simple Saison recipe fermented with a mixture of Mangrove Jacks French Saison yeast and my locally harvest yeast. 

Morph 3.

Batch Size: 16L

Estimated OG: 1.046 SG

Estimated Colour: 5.8 EBC

Estimated IBU: 27 IBUs

Mash: 60 Minutes @ 67°C

Boil Time: 60 Minutes


Extra Pale Propino (3.2 EBC) – 83.6 %

Torrified Wheat ( 3.9 EBC) – 7.4 %

Flaked Oats (2.0 EBC) – 7.4 %

Aromatic Malt (50.0 EBC) – 1.6 %


First Gold [7.45%]  – 15g @ First Wort (17.4 IBUs)

First Gold [7.45%] – 15g @ 20.0 min (9.6 IBUs)

Protofloc – ½ Tablet @ 15.0 min

First Gold [7.45 %] – 70g @ 0.0 min (0 IBUs)

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