ShinDigger Brewing Co. – Brewery Names and Origins

ShinDigger Brewing co. was my first known introduction to gypsy brewing, a set up where the brewers don’t actually own a brewery, they design and develop their own recipes and then brew them on another brewery’s kit, a great way to get a foot in the brewing world. Other than good beer they’re also brewery that keep introducing new and interesting services whether that’s Swift, or the ShinDigger sessions.

Where does the brewery name come from?
We believe the essence of beer is about enjoying yourself with friends. Drinking a beer is one of the finer times in life you get to kick back and embrace good company. We wanted a name that reflected this ethos. And we felt ShinDigger, derived from the word ShinDig – to have a lil party – achieved this.

What inspired you to move into the commercial brewing world?

When we tried ‘craft keg’ for the first time. It was a hybrid style, combining the chilled, refreshing delivery of lager with the depth of flavour of cask ale. We were captivated. Two mates, fresh out of uni we were full of youthful exuberance and thirsty for adventure so we set about building a beer empire. I cannot think of a better way to live.

How did you come up with your logo design?

We basically went to a design agency with our ideas, and they brought our ideas to life. The ShinDigger font is kinda wavy – giving a fun and expressive vibe. We also got the SD monogram done as we wanted something we could stamp that would work for many different formats – bottle caps, social media, etc. My advice for anyone would be don’t overthink it, just let it be authentic to your values.

Keep a look out for the ShinDigger sessions too.


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