Recipes from members.

Recipe: Tilley’s Brown Ale

This is a recipe for a competition run at our sister club @leekhomebrew, the brief: Brew something with an element ...
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Kit Review: SmashBox Gluten Free Amarillo Pale Ale Extract Beer Kit

As a forum member at I was offered the opportunity to review a Gluten Free Extract kit, supplied by ...
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Recipe – Kentucky Common

Dull weekend, uninspired in terms of what to brew so opening up the webbrowser I googled unusual beer as you do ...
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Recipe – Hitachino Nest Beer White Ale

Last year a friend purchased me a few beers one of which was a Kiuchi Brewery Hitachino Nest White Ale, I'd ...
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Recipe – Roast Sweet Potato Stout

Gaskelling (verb). To deliberately underate, underplay oneself prior to a competition in order to garner extra sympathy votes or points ...
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Recipe – Experimental 105/220 Lager

Compared to Sadfield my brew days are a lot more random, generally brews are made of a mix of what's ...
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Recipe – Leffe Radieuse Clone – DME

A friend of mine asked me last year if we could attempt to brew a Leffe Radieuse clone which is an 8.2% Belgium Strong ...
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How to Extract Brew 5L of American Pale Ale.

Cascade American Pale Ale This recipe is formulated to produce a 5% ABV American Pale Ale that will be dry, ...
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Recipe: Sint Barnabas Extra II

A while back I brewed a Patersbier (“Father’s Beer” in Dutch) , a special light ale traditionally brewed by Trappiste monks to drink ...
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