Really Simply DIY stir plate

A stir plate is a really useful tool to help make yeast starter, but they can be very costly. img_6872The aim of this post is to provide you with the a simple guide to to convert a USB desktop fan cooler into a stipulate, with minimal tools and materials.

Varying wildly in price the cheapest i’ve seen is this one for around £30 but they can go way higher than that, my stipulate came in at around £9.00 and works perfectly, there is integrated speed control and it plugs into a usb phone charger, which makes it ideal for all sizes of yeast starter mine can easily cope with 2l using a big bar.


  • Small spanner
  • Strong Glue
  • Thermaltake A1888 – computer cooling components
  • Strong magnets – these can be taken from an old HDD drive you may have around or purchased from Amazon
  • A few smaller screws and nuts – you use these to reattach a guard that acts as a platform for your flask, you may need some small washers too to add more space between the base of the flask img_6873and the magnet.

The instructions I followed are here over on Homebrew talk and they’re so easy to follow i won’t reinvent them but what you end up with is a very cheap stir plate that works really well ad only take a 5-10 mins to prepare.

There are of course other options too that would probably work too.


£5.99 option will require some imagination

Similar design but no speed control – might cause difficulty with the stir bar jumping off



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