A small friendly Homebrew club, Meeting on the last Tuesday of the month Next meeting 27th March

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How to Extract Brew 5L of American Pale Ale.

Cascade American Pale Ale This recipe is formulated to produce a 5% ABV American Pale Ale that will be dry, clean and refreshing, with an assertive hop flavour and bitterness.…
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Volunteering it’s not a mugs game!!

I suspect the majority of people who either follow or are followed by @macchomebrew know about the Independent Manchester Beer Festival, and if not, wooooah where have you been? But…
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Recipe: Sint Barnabas Extra II

A while back I brewed a Patersbier (“Father’s Beer” in Dutch) , a special light ale traditionally brewed by Trappiste monks to drink for sustenance, while leaving them fully capable to take on…
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