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Beer Nouveau – Brewery Names and Origins

Next up Steve Dunkley of Beer Nouveau, as well as being a commercial brewery brewing from the ever popular railway arches, Steve also write the Homebrew Column for CAMRA and has active involvement…
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Kit Review – B451 Snowstar Two-Tone Beanie – Rub and Sniff

No matter what kind of brewer you are, a compulsory part of any good brewery set up is the beanie, be it Quantum, Cloudwater, whoever... you'll see them sporting an…
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Thought-y Brews.

Now, some website content filler...... Apologies if this is a boring, self-indulgent post, but I thought I'd catalogue the brewing development and some of the thought process behind my beers and their…
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Monday 28th November 2016 6.30pm Macclesfield SciBAR at the Park Tavern, Park Lane, Macclesfield, SK11 6UB As part of Macclesfield SciBar  (A place to hear about and discuss science while enjoying a glass…
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In the Library

A selection of titles from the expanding brewing library of a homebrewer. Early Learning How To Brew - John Palmer This is the go to book for beginners, and should…
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How to Extract Brew 5L of American Pale Ale.

Cascade American Pale Ale This recipe is formulated to produce a 5% ABV American Pale Ale that will be dry, clean and refreshing, with an assertive hop flavour and bitterness.…
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Volunteering it’s not a mugs game!!

I suspect the majority of people who either follow or are followed by @macchomebrew know about the Independent Manchester Beer Festival, and if not, wooooah where have you been? But…
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