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ShinDigger Brewing Co. – Brewery Names and Origins

ShinDigger Brewing co. was my first known introduction to gypsy brewing, a set up where the brewers don't actually own a brewery, they design and develop their own recipes and then brew them…
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Recipe – Roast Sweet Potato Stout

Gaskelling (verb). To deliberately underate, underplay oneself prior to a competition in order to garner extra sympathy votes or points. October 2016 in preparation for Macc Homebrews Dark Beer Off,…
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Kit Review – BrewUK Stove Toppers – Small Batch Starter Kit

Bit of a Caveat, resurrecting an old review here but a worthwhile review all the same!! I first tried the The Brew UK Stove Toppers - Small Batch Starter Kit back in June…
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Kit Review – Get-er-Brewed Brew in a Bag

I've been brewing for just over a year now, and have brewed several beers (of varying quality) from all grain kits in a 5L demijohn and stockpot based kit. It's…
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Macclesfield Brewing Company – Brewery Names and Origins

Dave Harrison-Ward ex MaccHomebewer and Owner/Brewer of  Macclesfield Brewing Company has provided an insight into his new brewery. The name Macclesfield Brewing Company may seem an obvious choice, but it took a long…
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Elusive Brewing – Brewery Names and Origins

Andy Parker owner of Elusive Brewing: Where does the Name Elusive Brewing come from? The name actually comes from my online handle, tabamatu, which is Estonian for Elusive. I first used…
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Beer Nouveau – Brewery Names and Origins

Next up Steve Dunkley of Beer Nouveau, as well as being a commercial brewery brewing from the ever popular railway arches, Steve also write the Homebrew Column for CAMRA and has active involvement…
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