A small friendly Homebrew club, Meeting on the last tuesday of the month Next meeting 25th July

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Book Review – The Radical Brewer – Randy Mosher

I bought this based on an indirect Twitter recommendation from Jay Krause of Quantum Brewing ( now brewing at Cloudwater brew Co.). I wanted more input, and I most definitely got it!…
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Book Review – Home Brew Beer – Greg Hughes

I always associate Dorling Kindersley with kids books about dinosaurs or pond life, and initially when you flick through the pages it does have that kind of feel about it. However, once you…
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ShinDigger Brewing Co. – Brewery Names and Origins

ShinDigger Brewing co. was my first known introduction to gypsy brewing, a set up where the brewers don't actually own a brewery, they design and develop their own recipes and then brew them…
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Recipe – Roast Sweet Potato Stout

Gaskelling (verb). To deliberately underate, underplay oneself prior to a competition in order to garner extra sympathy votes or points. October 2016 in preparation for Macc Homebrews Dark Beer Off,…
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Kit Review – BrewUK Stove Toppers – Small Batch Starter Kit

Bit of a Caveat, resurrecting an old review here but a worthwhile review all the same!! I first tried the The Brew UK Stove Toppers - Small Batch Starter Kit back in June…
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Macclesfield Brewing Company – Brewery Names and Origins

Dave Harrison-Ward ex MaccHomebewer and Owner/Brewer of  Macclesfield Brewing Company has provided an insight into his new brewery. The name Macclesfield Brewing Company may seem an obvious choice, but it took a long…
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Elusive Brewing – Brewery Names and Origins

Andy Parker owner of Elusive Brewing: Where does the Name Elusive Brewing come from? The name actually comes from my online handle, tabamatu, which is Estonian for Elusive. I first used…
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