A small friendly Homebrew club, Meeting on the last Tuesday of the month Next meeting 30th October

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The end of the kitchen sink beer?

Everyone has been there, it comes to brew day you've got mountains of bits of grain and hops, 30 grams of this, 475g of that specialist only used once malt,…
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Oi! You f’ coffee?

Home brew competition for beer and coffee lovers. bru·bi·a·ce·ae | \, brübç’ âsç, ç\ noun 1. an alchoholic drink made from yeast-fermented malt flavoured with hops and products of coffea arabica (family:…
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No, not that KITT you doofus! The homebrew kit.  What kit do we all use to make our beers? From brewer to brewer it'll all be familiar, yet massively different to suit…
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Kit Review: SmashBox Gluten Free Amarillo Pale Ale Extract Beer Kit

                  As a forum member at www.jimsbeerkit.co.uk I was offered the opportunity to review a Gluten Free Extract kit, supplied by BrewSmarter…
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Full T-shirt/Hoodie range.

Finally we have all the designs available at >>>>> Macchomebrew Store Why are we doing this? One of the aims from the relaunch of Macc Homebrew Club was to recruit new members…
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Recipe – Kentucky Common

Dull weekend, uninspired in terms of what to brew so opening up the webbrowser I googled unusual beer as you do. skimming down the list one caught me eye, Kentucky Common,…
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Kit Review – Inkbird ITC-308 Temperature Controller

Regardless of how good you think your brewing methods are, it doesn’t mean anything if the yeast can’t work their magic in a happy environment, and one such factor of…
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Recipe – Hitachino Nest Beer White Ale

Last year a friend purchased me a few beers one of which was a Kiuchi Brewery Hitachino Nest White Ale, I'd never heard of the brewery before and really liked the…
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Book Review – Beer Styles from Around the World

As a brewer, despite how knowledgeable you might be on the subject, there are always something new to learn, and so I always keep my eyes out for new books…
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