Solera Project (Part 6)…Oooh! You aren’t Orval, but I’ll like you (hopefully).

What’s this all about? Read Part 1 Here

Time for another addition to the Solera. Out with 12 L of Saison to be bottled and in with a new beer. Pondering as to what to do next with this project didn’t take long, as I sat enjoying a beautiful Orval in the equally beautiful appropriate glassware. A pale ale, primarily fermented with a Trappist style yeast, followed by secondary fermentation in the Solera by the mix yeasts and bacteria within. Hopefully I’ll get something in the style and spirit of Orval, with it’s own unique character.


Batch Size: 12.5L

Estimated OG: 1.055 SG

Estimated Colour: 19.6 EBC

Estimated IBU: 24.5 IBUs

Mash: 75 Minutes @ 65°C

Boil Time: 60 Minutes


Maris Otter (5 EBC) – 64 %

Extra Pale Planet ( 3.0 EBC) – 10%

Caramunich (100.5 EBC) – 5%

Aromatic Malt (150 EBC) – 8%

Wheat Malt (3 EBC) – 5%

Sugar (Beet) – 0 EBC) – 8% add in the boil.


First Gold [7.45%]  – 7g @ First Wort (9.4 IBUs)

First Gold [7.45%] – 16g @ 30.0 min (15.1 IBUs)

Protofloc – ½ Tablet @ 15.0 min

Sugar (Beet) – 225g @ 10 min.

First Gold [7.45 %] – 35g @ 0.0 min (0 IBUs)

Fermented for a week in a plastic fermenter to allow most of the trub to drop out, before transferring to the Solera keg. Wyeast WLP530 Abbey Ale yeast was pitched as the main Sacchromyces strain, as well as the yeast dregs from a number of beers (Orval, Boon Gueuze and Burning Sky’s Saison À La Provision). Hopefully, the Sacchromyces, Brettanomyces and bacteria from these grew and carried over from the primary fermentation period into the keg, to add to the rich mix. If not it was a good excuse to drink three great beers. Happy days.

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