Oi! You f’ coffee?

Home brew competition for beer and coffee lovers.

bru·bi·a·ce·ae | \, brübç’ âsç, ç\ noun
1. an alchoholic drink made from yeast-fermented malt flavoured with hops and products of coffea arabica (family: rubiaceae)
2. a homebrewing competition taking place at Cup North’s Manchester Coffee Festival on Nov. 4; entrants must use a product of coffea arabica (coffee beans, coffee flowers, etc) in their competition submissions

Heads up to Macc Homebrew Club members (…and any homebrewers with a love of combining coffee and beer).  The Brubiaceae competition for Manchester Coffee Festival is running again with a great prize of a Flat White brew day and £100 bar tab at Alphabet Brewery, up for grabs.

For details head over to brubiaceae.eventbrite.com


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