Book Review – Experimental Homebrewing – Drew Beechum and Denny Conn

Ever since reading Randy Mosher’s superbly influential Radical Brewing I had been desperately seeking another book to fill the void it had left behind. I thought his next book, Mastering Homebrew, might have been the right fit, but it looked to be more of a catch-all homebrewers guide than a follow-up. Thankfully, I caught wind of Experimental Brewing from listening to a Beersmith podcast in which both authors featured – it sounded absolutely ideal! Forgoing the usual beginner-to-novice route most homebrew books take, this book delves into, as the title would suggest, the more experimental side of brewing, or ‘ways you can deviate from the norm’ as they put it. This is really a book aimed at people who can already brew, but are interested in ideas and techniques that may improve their skills. Obviously with the authors being American it’s all ounces this, gallons that, so you’ll need a conversion calculator to hand if you want to tackle any of the recipes. It’s written in a light hearted, easy-to-read manner, much like Radical Brewing.

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