Maregade Brew Co. – Brewery Names and Origins

After a month or so of pestering Ian Morton of Maregade Brew Co. sent us through his origins. Ian was one of the final three sub 2 bbl breweries chosen to serve at the 2016 IndyMan Beer Con thirst games and brews a mean Blonde Pale.

Where does the brewery name come from?
When I first started home brewing I was living in Denmark and it was while I was there I decided that I wanted to work towards becoming a commercial brewer. A few years later when I got the opportunity to start brewing commercially I was living and working on Mare Street. ‘Gade’ is Danish for street, so Maregade.

What inspired you to move into the commercial brewing world?

I’d been looking at a new career that would get me out of an office for a while, and after beginning to home brew I found something I enjoyed and felt I could improve and work with towards that new career. I moved back to Britain and started working in pubs which eventually led to a job at The Cock Tavern in Hackney, around about the same time as the owner was moving Howling Hops out to their new site. I then slowly moved from behind the bar to being downstairs in the brewery.

How did you come up with your logo design?

The logo was designed by a friend, a graphic designer, my brief was along the lines of – I like maps and brutalism. What he came up with is the name and not a tree or a television aerial (as has been asked), but a nice, simple map showing Mare Street and some of the roads off of the street.

Hands down this is the brewery name i struggle most to pronounce!!

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