Malt Substitution Chart (Open Source).

Here is a handy Malt Substitution Chart, handy for when you are trying to source grain for a recipe and the recipe originator is based in the US, or you swap to a different online retailer and they stock products from another Malting.

The file is open source, so feel free to correct any errors or add any new information, malts or Maltings. Don’t forget to add yourself to the Credits at the bottom of the sheet. Likewise, some of this information may have been collated from other similar sheets on the internet, if you feel that your work has been used please don’t hesitate to add yourself to the credits.

All you need is the link below and access to Google Sheets.

Below is a copy of the original Spreadsheet in PDF and XLSX format.

Malt Substitution PDF

Malt Substitution xlsx


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