Macclesfield Brewing Company – Brewery Names and Origins


Dave Harrison-Ward ex MaccHomebewer and Owner/Brewer of  Macclesfield Brewing Company has provided an insight into his new brewery.

The name Macclesfield Brewing Company may seem an obvious choice, but it took a long time to come to that conclusion. During my time as a homebrewer it was all the rage to come up with a brewery name, mostly due to being able to add your beers on to Untappd for feedback, but coming up with something snappy is easier said than done. My aim with this brewing lark was to eventually become a commercial brewer, so I needed something that I could carry over.

For months I jotted down all kinds of random names into my little black brewing notepad and looking back some were plain ridiculous, but right in the middle of the list was Macc Brew Co (this is how I refer to it, but officially it’s registered as the full name). I initially didn’t want to pick a geographical name just in case I moved the brewery, but as time went on it seemed like the obvious choice. You see, Macclesfield is a great beer town, we have some great bars and pubs serving all kinds of tasty beverages, along with RedWillow brewery producing some superb beers and not to mention the great brewing heritage of the town. In the end I wanted to support the town and make a statement with the name. As it turns out, there hasn’t been a local brewery with Macclesfield in the name for over 60 years.

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