Home Brew Equipment

  • BrewUK– A specialist home brew equipment supplier, providing everything from small stove-top kits to enormous all-in-one brewing machines
  • – A fantastic selection of hops in a variety of useful sizes, lots of other good stuff too.
  • Angel Home Brew– A supplier of bespoke home brew equipment
  • Keg Kingdom– Supplier of corny kegs and other related equipment
  • Staffordshire Brewing Supplies– A local brewery in Leek supplying equipment and consumables to trade and home brewer alike
  • Simply Hops– Occasionally Simply Hops have some great deals on old hops, making it a great option for homebrewers to club together an buy in bulk, also some great tools online too.
  • Brewpi– Branching out providing some great kit for brewing as well as Brewpi itself
  • Hiphops– Some of the finest breweries in the world are in Hip Hops a fast past beer card game with collectible cards.
  • Peter Swain– it’s not all about beer, Peter is a great artist, homebrewer and literally an aspiring beer pedlar, he designed the original Macc Homebrew logo and is responsible for most of the great art work around Five Clouds Tap and Bottle.