Let me bore you about Brewpi

When i started brewing beer from grain I realised pretty quickly that other than good ingredients and clean equipment (that really is important) temperature control is a great way to ensure you get consistent tasting beer.

If you’ve ever met me I’ve probably already bored you to tears about Brewpi, but if I haven’t I hope you enjoy this post.

So what is Brewpi?

BrewPi is a fermentation temperature controller for brewing beer or wine. It runs on Raspberry Pi and an Arduino. Compared to other temperature controllers, BrewPi offers much better temperature control and a lot more features like data logging, a web interface and graphs.


But more importantly it can be a really cheap way to monitor and track the fermentation of your beer or wine http://oldlarrybrewco.ourhobby.com if you look at my graph (which is live so sorry if I’m not brewing anything) you can usually see a dip a few days into the brew where Brewpi adjust to lower the fridge temperature because the yeast are creating the heat and raising the heat of the wort, it usually stay within 0.06c of the target temperature so it’s pretty accurate.

There are a few ways you can get Brewpi up and running but there is one thing you’ll need for each method, and that’s a fridge or freezer.  Expensive??? not at all, look on eBay free cycle ask around I’ve had three fridges as I’ve expanded and changed setup and in total I’ve spent £25 (the one I got for free died in the end)


Rather than going into the detail of how to set it all up I’ve added some of the links I have followed in the past, when i started setting up my Brewpi, I have never used a Raspberry Pi before, soldered (not that you really need to) or played with electrics, but it was actually all pretty simple and i reckon well worth doing all in all including a Raspberry Pi you can have a really good temperature controlled chamber for less the £50 and I reckon you’ll notice the difference.

Useful Links

The real thing – I’d love to have this but at £100 i’m happy with my cheaper less functional set up

Basic Arduino set up – I’ve been using this same set up for a couple of years now

No Arduino Set up

Variation of Arduino but with a cheaper wifi enabled chip – This is my next project

No Arduino of RPI setup

If you fancy trying to make a Brewpi of your own or get stuck and want some hints and tips drop me a message on twitter @mikmonken

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