No, not that KITT you doofus! The homebrew kit.  What kit do we all use to make our beers? From brewer to brewer it’ll all be familiar, yet massively different to suit our own budget, needs and situation.  Here’s mine (Steve) to kick things off….

I tend to brew 10L batches (around 18 a year) in a small kitchen using the wok burner on my stove.

The 32L HLT/Kettle used on the gas stove top. Complete with thermowell, hop spider, filter and immersion chiller.

The next piece is the 19L Igloo cooler mash tun with false bottom.

I’m big fan of Beersmith, but it’s only as good as the data you put in it, so I like my measuring equipment to be accurate and reliable. As well as OTT and a bargain from ebay. 😀

I weigh and calculate all my volumes. I have scales, more scales, thermometers, hydrometers, and a pH meter.

I’m currently experimenting with my fermentation setup, with the aim of limiting oxygen pickup to a minimum, once fermentation is well under way. I start fermentation off in my plastic FV’s, then at around 50% attenuation I transfer over to a CO2 purged Corny to complete fermentation. This allows me to do two things, firstly I can harvest the yeast cake before dryhopping. Secondly this allows me to carbonate the beer using the CO2 produced during the remaining fermentation. This is done by adding a spunding (pressure release valve) to the gas outlet, maintaining a set head pressure whilst the beer ferments out. In theory, hop aroma should retained. I’m going to try dry-hopping at this point by adding hops direct to the keg and putting a filter around a shortened dip tube. Fermentation temperature is controlled using a fridge, heater and STC1000.

Corny Keg, dryhopping filter and Spunding valve.

Once carbonated and conditioned, I bottle using a Blichmann beer gun, purging bottles with C02 and keeping oxygen pickup to a minimum. I think some extra kegs will be the next purchase.

One more bit of kit is the Vacuum Packer, ideal for keeping those hops in top condition.