Kit Review – Your Brew custom bottle caps

Because I’m a bit of a cheap skate, I tend to give bottles of my beer away as gifts to people (lucky people you are), so making labels and trying to make them look as nice as possible is something that I’ve been encouraged to do by my other half.

One element that I’ve always struggled to find is custom bottle caps. Over in the US there are a few providers who’ll ship overseas, but here in the UK I’ve just not found anything, there are companies out there that do it, but only on a mass scale, and when I’ve emailed about homebrew caps I have always been ignored.

So when someone pointed me to Your Brew I thought I’d definitely have to take a look.

Now it’s fair to say, having used Your Brew twice now, the first set of samples I ordered weren’t, by their own admission and very quick refund, up to scratch. The printing was off centre, caps had become scratched in transit, and some of the printing was smudged, and I could tell by the email from Lee that he was disappointed the initial batches hadn’t gone as planned.

So after a couple of  emails from Your Brew, informing of the updates they’d made to their process, jigs caps etc. I thought I’d give them another try andI’m glad I did as this time I’m pretty happy with the results.

The process is really easy to follow:

  1. (Optional) Design a bottle cap using a tool of your choice it needs to be 300 DPI and an approx size of 600 x 600 pixels if you’ve not got Photoshop something like GIMP will serve you well, it’s a good idea to start off with a 600×600 pixel circle so that you know what to work with.
  2. go to and pick the colour of the cap you want.
  3. upload your design, or you can link to Instagram, pic a photo and then add text to it. (I’ve not tried this option yet)
  4. tweak the placement of the design and then purchase.

black-and-white-olag  + white_bottle_cap_1_large =  screen-shot-2016-12-19-at-09-01-36

From order to delivery it took around 1 1/2 weeks which is pretty good.

Caps came in a neat Amazon style brown envelope and the caps were sealed in two bags over two layers so avoid caps getting scratched and caps flying everywhere when the opened.

img_7185 img_7186

Print quality is good, one thing I would recommend though is to create designs that are simple and clean. My design is meant to have a stitch style effect to it and whilst you can see it on the preview, actually when you take it down to real scale it can look a bit smudged, and I need to tweak my design next time I order.

My tip would be to design at the scale and resolution as per the instructions and then test print on normal paper to the size of the cap, if that doesn’t print as expected then adjust and try again.

Caps cost £4.50 for 50 with £1.50 postage, which makes the caps 12p each (a little less if you use the code below) this won’t be my go too for the majority of my caps, but for presents and gifts and giving your Homebrew bottles of beer that commercial look a few extra pence per bottle is worth it.

Your Brew! Making Homebrew look as good as it tastes! Get 10% by using this code:

This is cropped from the larger picture above
This is cropped from the larger picture above


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