Kit Review – B451 Snowstar Two-Tone Beanie – Rub and Sniff

No matter what kind of brewer you are, a compulsory part of any good brewery set up is the beanie, be it Quantum, Cloudwater, whoever… you’ll see them sporting an awesome beanie between brewing.

So what better way to kick off our kit reviews than to review that exclusive Simply Hops Rub and Sniff Beanie, which isn’t available for sale.

This particular model is the established an well known B451 Snowstar Two-Tone Beanie, in off white and french navy, with a Rub and Sniff slogan on the cuff.

For those of you not in the “know” the B451 is 100% Soft-Touch Acrylic, has a double layer knit, contrasting pom pom and cuff which is ribbed.

@mikmonken wishing he was brewing rather than having to "work"
@mikmonken wishing he was brewing rather than having to “work”

In the wild this hat provide ample head and ear coverage to reduce heat loss, which is a real plus for me given my lack of hair.

I will mostly wear this hat outside, apart from today because my office is icy.

Whilst you might not be able to to purchase this hat from the Simply Hops their website has a lot of useful information which has certainly helped me as a home brewer in finding substitutions for hops when a certain variety isn’t in stock somewhere, or helping me pick something that might be new or i’d not considered.

It’s also worth home brew clubs looking out for some of their sales, whilst minimum order is 5kg if you have enough people to share it with you can get some bargains, Warrior (a clean bittering hop) being an example of that, at the moment 5kg for the price that you’d pay for 1.5kg at some of the home brew shops.

Thanks to Dan for sending me the hat…

As and when we acquire new kit, ingredients etc. we’ll be posting up our experiences and reviews of the products.

Want us to review something drop us a message in the comments below or contact us via twitter.




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