How to Extract Brew 5L of American Pale Ale.

Cascade American Pale Ale

This recipe is formulated to produce a 5% ABV American Pale Ale that will be dry, clean and refreshing, with an assertive hop flavour and bitterness. Heavy dry-hopping will provide big floral, citrus and grapefruit hop aromas, typical of American ales.

Equipment used.

10L stock pot.

Weighing Scales.

Measuring Jug.

Tea Infuser.

Mesh Bag.

Digital Thermometer.


Heatproof Flask.

Hydrometer (optional).

Assorted receptacles for ingredients.

Fermenting Bucket and Airlock.


Extra Light Dry Malt Extract – 640g.

Cascade Hop Pellets – 85g.

Dextrose (Corn Sugar) – 40g.

Crystal Malt – 40g.

Gypsum – 2.08g

Protofloc (Irish Moss) – 0.25 Tablet.

Yeast Nutrient – 0.6g

Mangrove Jacks M44 Yeast (Only 5g of this packet will be used for fermentation, the remainder can be used as Yeast Nutrient).

Campden Tablet – 0.25 Tablet

Starsan (or equivalent) no-rinse sanitiser.


OK…Brew time.

The first step with any brewing is to make sure your kit (and work area) is clean and free from any cleaning product residue.


Measure out all ingredients, splitting the hops into two lots of 25g (a further 35g will be used post fermentation as dry-hopping).

Measure out 5.84 L of water into the stock pot and add the crushed Campden tablet, to remove Chlorination from the water.

Start heating the water and dissolve in the Gypsum. This will add sulphate to the water and help make the hop bitterness more crisp.


Next is to add the Crystal Malt which will add some sweetness, colour and fresh malt flavours to the beer. I’ve used a Stainless Tea Infuser here, but a mesh sack will also work. Heat the water to 76ºC then turn off the heat and leave for 10 minutes, occasionally stirring to release colour and flavour from the grain.


Remove the grain and add the Dextrose and Malt Extract, being careful to fully dissolve the Extract.


Return to the heat and heat to boiling point. Once at boiling, start a timer for 5 Minutes and leave the wort boiling vigorously. It is important to leave the lid off from here as compounds that can cause off-flavours are removed with the steam.


After the 5 minutes has elapsed add the Yeast Nutrient and Protofloc (Irish Moss), the later will help produce a clearer beer.


After another 5 minutes, add the first 25g batch of hops, this will add flavour and bitterness. Here I use a mesh bag, a hop sock or Tea Infuser will also work.

Continue boiling for 10 minutes, then add the second 25g of hops and immediately turn off the heat. The lid can then be covered to stop anything unwanted getting into your beer. Leave for 20 minutes to allow flavour and aroma compounds to steep into the wort.

IMPORTANT: From this point onward, anything that contacts the wort will need to be clean and sanitized to minimise the risk of infecting the beer.

Whilst steeping the hops, sanitise the fermenting bucket with Starsan. I also re-hydrate the yeast in pre-boiled water that has cooled to 30ºC, in a sanitised flask. This step can be bypassed by sprinkling dry yeast straight onto the cooled wort in the fermenter, later.


Another good thing to do at this stage, although not essential, is to have a beer (preferably homebrew) and a Pork Pie.


Once the 20 minute steep phase has passed, remove the hops, put the lid back on the pan and then cool to 20ºC by putting the pan in a sink and running cold water around it. Here I’ve wrapped the lid in Clingfilm to secure it and stop ingress of water.


Pour the cooled wort into the sanitised fermenter and pitch the yeast. Pouring from a good height to aerate the wort, and if the lid is a good seal shaking the fermenter for a few minutes will also aid aerating the wort. This provides oxygen for the yeast.

Add the airlock, filled with Starsan.

Leave for 10-14 days to ferment, somewhere that has a consistent temperature at the lower end of the yeast temperature range (18-23ºC), is best.

When fermentation is complete, add 35g of Cascade hops and leave for 2-3 days.

Package the beer into bottles or keg.


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