Full T-shirt/Hoodie range.

Finally we have all the designs available at >>>>> Macchomebrew Store

Why are we doing this? One of the aims from the relaunch of Macc Homebrew Club was to recruit new members and to promote homebrewing in Macclesfield.  Various ways of doing this were suggested, ranging from holding events to sourcing and supplying homebrew starter kits. Also, for existing members we would like to have the resources to run competitions, trips out and Brewdays. Unfortunately, it became instantly obvious that this would require us to raise some working capital for the club, and so here is the idea.  Fundraising T-shirts and Hoodies (because we know you brewers love a Hoodie). Check out our designs below…

Club HOODhop mix 2Phren MixMash MixFlame MixBeer Style Mix50shades


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