Elusive Brewing – Brewery Names and Origins

Andy Parker owner of Elusive Brewing:

Where does the Name Elusive Brewing come from?

The name actually comes from my online handle, tabamatu, which is Estonian for Elusive. I first used this handle when registering for Xbox live. I wanted something along the lines of Elusive but every combination thereof I tried was already registered, so I started to look at Elusive in different languages and settled on tabamatu. From there, when I started my blog I called it ‘musings of an elusive beer geek‘. When it came to naming the brewery (back in my home brewing days), Elusive Brewing became an obvious choice. It was then used commercially back in 2013 when I collaborated with Weird Beard on Nelson Saison and I figured from there it had to stick.

What inspired you to move into the commercial brewing world?

Ultimately it was my wife (Jane) who convinced me to go for it full time. The back story is documented on my blog but it certainly took a long time to get from making that decision to the start line!

How did you come up with your logo design?

The logo was designed by a friend of mine, Ceri Jones. Ceri works in graphic design and was keen to get on board with Elusive and help with our branding from the outset. The branding is rooted in 8 bit gaming and we use pixel art across all of our labels and artwork. I gave Ceri a very minimal brief and he came up with a range of ideas and evolved my favourite one into what it is now along with the ‘E’ barrel we use.

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