So it’s time… Macc Homebrew Clubs first brew-off in a loooong time.

Back along long time ago we had a stout off that was relatively successful.  So we thought we’d try again but this time open it up a bit.

The plan is for Macc Homebrew club members or indeed anyone else who wants to turn up and participate to brew something dark; Porter, Dark Lager, Brown Ale or Stout, what ever it maybe it, just needs to be dark, winter warming would be ideal but not compulsory, the only thing you need to do is make sure that it’s ready for the 29th November 2016, and that you bring two or three 330ml or 500ml bottles (in case there are a lot of people).

Why the vagueness, well brewing to specific style isn’t what Macc Homebrew are about, some new homebrew brewers might not understand the finites of SRM colouring or what or how to adjust the colour, so go for something dark.

We’re hoping we may have a special guest, hopefully we can update later.

So dust off you old tried and tested recipes, think up something new, or just add something dark to your Punk IPA clone (yes i have done that before… don’t try it)  and have a think about what you could do, and hopefully see you all at Macc Homebrew club of the 29th November at 19:30 for a 20:00 start.

Comment below if you’re interested in coming along or tweet us on the hashtag 



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