Book Review – Mikkeller’s Book of Beer – Mikkel Borg Bjergsø and Pernille Pang

I was totally unaware of this book’s existence until someone randomly tweeted about it. 30 seconds later I had slapped down some readies for pre-order.

Currently ranked in the top 100 breweries in the world according to Ratebeer, a book about Mikkeller was always going to be an insta-buy. Unfortunately, it feels a bit light on content, seemingly packed with more images than words.

There are some glistening gems of information in there such as the recipes for some of Mikkeller’s famed brews, plus a bit of backstory of the once gypsy brewery. Make no mistake, it was a seriously decent read, I just wished there was more of it! Given their sibling rivalry, I wonder how long it’ll take until we see an Evil Twin book?

Available to buy here – Mikkeller’s Book of Beer

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