Book Review – Home Brew Beer – Greg Hughes

I always associate Dorling Kindersley with kids books about dinosaurs or pond life, and initially when you flick through the pages it does have that kind of feel about it. However, once you get stuck in you realise it’s clear, concise and goes into a bit more depth than The Homebrew Handbook.

Its clarity also lends itself more as a reference guide, with the edges of the pages denoting each section making it a breeze to flick through. It has 100 recipes and for a lot of them it also instructions for the malt extract version.

This is fantastic book for anyone taking their first steps into the world of brewing, providing pictures and descriptions of the various of pieces of equipment needed for all grain brewing, as well as step by step guidance in the brewing process.

I can particularly recommend the Japanese Rice Lager recipe (Mike)

Available to purchase from BrewUK

Review by Dave Harrison-Ward, Macclesfield Brewing Company.

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