Book Review – Beer Styles from Around the World

As a brewer, despite how knowledgeable you might be on the subject, there are always something new to learn, and so I always keep my eyes out for new books that might fill in some gaps. One such book I’ve had my eye on for a while is Beer Styles from Around the World penned by Horst Dornbusch. You might not recognise this book as it’s not available from the usual outlets, instead you have to buy it directly from Simply Hops, the reason being it has been largely funded by Barth-Haas group, the hop supplier behind Simply Hops themselves.

It’s a 400 page paperback that will set you back a hefty £40, but I can tell you now there isn’t another book out there released in recent times that covers such a wide range of styles, new and old (the old being around 4000 years!), from all around the globe, each coming with recipes, background histories and anecdotal stories. I’m pretty sure you’ll find many styles within it’s cover that you’ve never heard of before.

The recipes are written assuming you have some brewing knowledge and are presented in a bare bones fashion, accompanied with a brief rundown of the brewing method, but if you know what you’re doing you’ll need nothing more. Where details on particular styles are sketchy or open to interpretation you’ll find multiple takes on the recipe, which is useful if you brew a particular way (a single infusion mash for example). What’s more it’s set out alphabetically, so it’s easy to quickly flick to the style you’re looking for.

For it’s hefty price tag it is slightly disappointing it’s not a big hardback tome, because the quality of content within deserves it, but nevertheless it’s worth every penny. Just make sure you have some white gloves on when thumbing through it!

Beer Styles from Around the World is available from here – Simply Hops



One thought on “Book Review – Beer Styles from Around the World

  1. Aaagh. The book won’t be worth 40 quid. Horst Dornbusch is a charlatan. I’ve an earlier book from him with a similar subject and it was just dreadful. My advice: don’t waste your money.

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