Beer Nouveau – Brewery Names and Origins

Next up Steve Dunkley of Beer Nouveau, as well as being a commercial brewery brewing from the ever popular railway arches, Steve also write the Homebrew Column for CAMRA and has active involvement with our arch-nemesis @mancshomebrew 

Where does the name Beer Nouveau come from?

How did I come up with Beer Nouveau? Not a clue. Alcohol was involved, absinthe to be exact. At least I think it was, I can’t really remember. I was drinking a fair bit of it at the time, I love the stuff. I also love art deco and art nouveau, so it most likely came from a combination of those things.

What inspired you to move into the commercial brewing world?

I went commercial because I’d got to the point where I was brewing more homebrew than even I could drink, and I didn’t have a proper job at the time (author isn’t real work) so we decided to licence the homebrew kit. I converted half the garage at home, sorted out the paperwork, and started selling my homebrew.

How did you come up with your logo design?

The logo itself is based on a really famous art deco carving on the front of a building somewhere that I’ve forgotten. I’ve said I’d give a case of beer to whoever can let me know which one it is, but no-one has yet.

Beer Nouveau also host the Sunday Sessions Live music in a brewery, hosting two bands doing acoustic sessions, no pre-booking, no ticket fees, just turn up and enjoy!

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