About Us

Macclesfield Homebrew was formed in October 2013 by a group of homebrew enthusiasts.

We meet every last Tuesday of the month at Five Clouds Taps and Bottle to share beer, discuss kit and any problems we may have had brewing.

Some started brewing kits, others extract and some had jumped straight in and started all grain brewing, but we all started with one goal in mind to brew some beer that most of the time tasted better than the run of the mill commercial beer.

Whether it’s the local water or the honest feedback, So far three of the original Macclesfield Homebrew club are now professional brewers, brewing at Redwillow, Five Cloud Brew co. and Macclesfield Brewing co, we also played host to Torrside Brewing co. for a number of meetings too and these pro brewers still pop along from time to time to offer advise and sampling.

Everyone is welcome to join us, whether you’re looking to start brewing, are thinking about making the step to all grain brewing or are a lonely commercial brewer just looking for friends, please feel free to come along.