Back by popular demand (well, a misplaced comment from one person who had been drinking). Like an Adele album this post is tedious, massively self-indulgent and continues the theme of previous work. The debut, Though-ty Brews covered the first 40 brews, so here’s a rundown of the next 25 brews.

Name: Another Dimmension Inspiration:  Fancied brewing another Black IPA after enjoying the previous one, 1P Halley. Keeping the Space theme with reference to the hops and Beastie Boys ‘Intergalactic’. Brewing Development: No real development, more a test of repeatability. the only change being to swap Mosaic for Galaxy hops.
Style: Black IPA
Name: 10 Minute Job Inspiration: Intended for a Homebrew Club low ABV beer competition.  Low ABV IPA inspired by Proper Job. Brewing Development: Last minute brew fermented in a bucket usually used for grain storage. Lesson Learnt as pellicle formed and beer ditched.
Style: English Session IPA
Passionista Inspiration: Obligatory New England style beer, using Citra, Mosaic and Galaxy hops. Brewing Development: Creative use of water treatment and trying new dry hopping techniques as per the style.
Style: NEIPA
Name: 1847 William Younger 100/- Inspiration:  Ron Pattinson recipe brewed for a talk by the man himself. Brewing Development: Recreating an historic recipe.
Style: Shilling Ale
Name: Tilley’s Brown Ale Inspiration: For a Easter/Chocolate themed club competition.  Chocolate Lime sweets were the inspiration, the flavour provided by Chocolate malt, Wai-iti and Citra hops. Brewing Development: First attempt at Brown Ale.
Style: American Brown Ale
Name:Tessellation DIPA Inspiration: Taking the uniformly hopped IPA idea  of Tessellation IPA and making it into a bigger beer. Brewing Development: First attempt at Double IPA.
Style: DIPA
Lemon Tea Inspiration: Little Earl Grey with a sour Lemon Tea twist. Brewing Development: Using Acidulated Malt to lower the mash pH to get perceivable sourness.

First beer to be Force Carbonated in a keg and bottles with a beer gun. Reducing packaging oxidation.

Style: Gose/Pale Hybrid
Name: Manc’y Bitter Inspiration: Modern hop forward Bitter, inspired by Manchester brewers Marble, Track and Brewsmith. Brewing Development: Secondary fermented in corny keg using a Spunding valve to naturally carbonate itself.
Style: Bitter.
Name: XIPA Inspiration: Historic IPA recipes and brewing techniques, using modern ingredients (all the bag ends of hops in the freezer).  Heavily hopped at start of boil. Brewing Development: Long term aging (8 months) with Brettanomyces Claussenii, in a corny keg.
Style: Heritage IPA
Name: Little NEIPA Inspiration: Lower ABV New England style beer. Brewing Development: Refinement of my NEIPA water treatment. Experiment with fermenting in a Corny Keg with Dry Hop additions.
Style: NEIPA
Name: Redskin Inspiration:  Hoppy Rye beers such as Beavertown Magic 8 Ball.  Chinook hops used throughout, hence the Washington/Native Amaerican connection in the name. Brewing Development: Brewing with Rye.  Dry hopping in a keg and using Hop aroma oil.
Style: Rye IPA
Name: Pliny The Leightweight Inspiration:  Pliny the Elder at a more sessionable ABV. Brewing Development: Refining of hopping, carbonation and bottling technique in order to improve hop aroma and aroma stability.
Style: IPA
Name: RAW Saison Inspiration: Lars Marius Garshol’s Blog. Brewing a farmhouse ale without boiling. Brewing Development: No Boil brewing.
Style: RAW Ale/Saison.
Name: Sorachi Saison Inspiration: Brooklyn Sorachi Ace. Brewing Development: SMaSH Saison recipe development using a different hop and a new Saison yeast (Safale BE134).
Style: Saison.
Name: Teochreasach Inspiration: Heritage brewing and Stouts that were shipped to the tropics. Brewing Development: Split secondary fermentation to assess the impact of Brett C and Oak aging on a Stout.
Style: Export Stout.
Name: Chai Latte Mild Inspiration: Leek Homebrew “Brew a beer you’ll hate” Competition. Ticking boxes with a Mild, Spiced Beer with a Chai Tea flavour. Brewing Development: Experimenting with Spices.
Style: Pale Ale
Name:Digital Vats of Urine Inspiration: Brewdog Nanny State. How low can I take the ABV to make a sub 1% (legally alcohol free) beer without removing alcohol. Brewing Development: Testing all aspects of brewing technique to make a beer without alcohol.
Style: Alcohol Free Beer.
Name: Tilley’s Brown Ale/Morph Series 1 Inspiration: Split Batch of a re-brew of favourite recipe and the start of a long term Solera beer project. More info here. Brewing Development: Recipe repeatability test and the start of a barrel aged, mixed fermentation project.
Style: Brown Ale.
Name: River Bed Pils Inspiration: American Adjunct Lager using wild and Basmati rice. Brewing Development: Cereal Mashing technique and also fermenting under pressure to reduce esters.
Style: Lager.
Name: New Old IPA Inspiration: Recreating Heritage IPA using heritage Chevallier malt. Cheshire Brewhouse Govinda. Brewing Development: Using heritage malt and brewing techniques.
Style: Heritage IPA
Name: The Bramble. Inspiration: Brew By Number Bramble IPA, an IPA using Blackberries and Bramling Cross hops. Brewing Development: Using fruit in the boil.
Style: IPA
Name: Sidelong Frailty Brew. Inspiration: Barley Wines. I wanted to make a Citrussy (Orange) barley wine and age it ready for the winter months. The name is an anagram of First Gold Barley Wine, it’s 10% Abv will help get a wobble on. Brewing Development: High ABV brewing. Using subthreshold Black Pepper addition to boost hops (idea from Fuller’s).
Style: Barley Wine.
Name: Sladek Inspiration: Homebrew club “Hop Lucky Dip” competition using Sladek hops. Brewing Development: Primary fermentation with a mixed culture, Saccharomyces/Brettanomyces yeast blend.
Style: Farmhouse Ale.
Name: Three’s a crowd/Morph Series 2 Inspiration: Split batch between a Tart IPA and progressing the Solera Project. Brewing Development: Development of fruit IPA idea, using Gooseberries to achieve a tart/sour IPA.
Style: Sour IPA
Name: Sambucas Blanc Inspiration: Duvel Triple hop series and Sauvignon Blanc.  The idea was to brew a belgian pale ale with the Gooseberry, Passion Fruit, Elderflower aromatics of Sauvignon Blanc. Brewing Development: Infusion step mashing.
Style: Belgian Pale Ale

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