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Solera Project (Part 6)…Oooh! You aren’t Orval, but I’ll like you (hopefully).

What’s this all about? Read Part 1 Here Time for another addition to the Solera. Out with 12 L of Saison to be bottled and in with a new beer. Pondering…
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Solera Project (Part 1)….The Setup.

This is a document of my Solera project, otherwise known as the "Morph" range of beers. Solera is a process for aging liquids such as wine, beer, vinegar, and brandy, by fractional blending in such a way…
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Malt Substitution Chart (Open Source).

Here is a handy Malt Substitution Chart, handy for when you are trying to source grain for a recipe and the recipe originator is based in the US, or you…
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Digital hydrometers are they it worth it?

So anyone that knows me, probably realises that I'm a bit of a geek for gadgets to brew with, I'm pretty inept at actually making stuff, but i'll always give…
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